Winter Service Packages

Winner of the Charlotte Observer Readers’ Choice “Best Of 2015 Lake Norman”-1st place in Boat Repair.
CSB certified techs are the best in the business to get your boat ready for a season of fun on the lake.

Basic Winterization

Drain engine of all water. Fill engine with antifreeze. Fog engine cylinders, coat engine with 656 to protect from corrosion and disconnect batteries (upon request).

Ballast Winterization

Protect your ballast pumps and tanks with our three tank ballast system winterization package.

Oil Change

Change engine oil & filer.
5qt – 5w30 Mobile One oil.

*addition charge for synthetic oil

Winter Boat Storage

Store your boat on Charlotte Ski Boats secure lot with 24 hour video surveillance for $65 per month for the winter.

Shrink Wrap

Better than indoor storage, keeps the bugs & critters out, dust free environment. 36oz Dehuno Dehumidifier to reduce mildew. Professional shrink wrapping with support poles and preservation tape.

Boat pick up (no trailer)

No Trailer? No Problem. Have a Charlotte Ski Boats driver bring one of our trailers to tow your boat here for winter storage.
*Lake call fee + $149
*$50 additional if a second man is needed to load boat.

Annual Service

The number one cause of boat down situations and missed weekends on the lake with your family is not performing the annual service every year.

  • Change Oil & Filter
  • Change Transmission Fluid & Filter
  •  Replace Ignition Components (Spark Plugs & Wires, Cap & Rotor)
  • Replace All Impellers (Raw Water & Ballast Impellers)
  • Replace Fuel Filter & Test Fuel Pump
  • Clean Air Filter
  • Lake Test W/DiaCom Diagnosis Computer Reading


Boat Runs At


Replace raw water impeller, test and/or charge batteries, check all fluid levels, check cooling system, check for engine codes, check ballast system, lake test & check for leaks.

Full Detail

Bring your boats shine back!
Buff, polish, wash & wax, you won’t believe its the same boat.
*price quoted per job

Acid Bottom Wash

Removes lake sediment & marine organisms that will blister gel coat and cause costly repairs to the hull of your boat.

Boat Pick up

Save time, have Charlotte Ski Boats driver pick up your boat & trailer. We’ll tow it back here for winter storage.
*Lake call fee + $65
*$50 additional if a second man is needed to load boat.

Impeller Package

New raw water impeller
Three new ballast impellers

Transmission Service

Change transmission fluid & clean transmission filter.